Wilhelm Textiles India

With the concentration on international sales markets, Wilhelm Textil® pushed a globally orientated production in the focus of the company’s strategy.

The first overseas base was established in Gurgaon (near New Delhi). Wilhelm Textiles India Private Limited started production in 1994. In a gradual process Wilhelm Textiles India was developed into a fully integrated textile producing and finishing factory unit with modern dot- and scatter coating facilities, bleaching, dyeing, printing and various lamination and processing technologies.

Thus, the market leader can provide the maximum possible flexibility and speed in the realization of individual solutions.

An innovative team is able to convert customers’ requests and wishes consolidated from one source.

Textiles made by Wilhelm Textiles India are finally appearing in various final products of internationally esteemed manufacturers, including shoes, garments, leather goods and automobiles – Wilhelm Textiles India can offer suitable materials for almost all products and requirements. Experienced German experts are assuring the conversion and compliance of European quality standards in the certified production center Gurgaon, commercially as wellastechnically.

The sustainability of the products was focused by the company right from day one. Wilhelm Textiles India started production in the year of foundation with their own water purification plant.

Target market: Asia

Wilhelm Textiles India is established with production, marketing and sales in Asia area-wide.

In Chennai, one of India’s most important sales markets, Wilhelm Textil® opened a sales office with a distribution warehouse in 2000. Its experienced team is assuring a profound advisory service for Wilhelm’s customers in the fashionable and technical sector.

As a matter of course, Wilhelm Textiles India is represented with branches and qualified teams in further production centers like Agra and Kanpur.

The primary focus on sales activities within the Indian market was expanded to the complete Asian continent very soon. Today, manufacturers from China, Japan, Indonesia, Southeast-Asia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, the Middle East, and Australia are counted among Wilhelm’s clientele, which strengthens the position of the market leader even more.