Technical Fabrics

In the sector of technical fabrics, Wilhelm Textil® is always up to date.

Crimping cloth, inlays, reinforcements, interlinings based on either woven, knitted or nonwoven, as well as heel grip, padding foams and many other textile components of Wilhelm’s collection are developed in miscellaneous versions.

These can be adapted and modified for any specific condition or range of application.

The Wilhelm group is internationally recognized as the specialist for individual solutions in the scope of thermo adhesive coatings.

The dynamic advancement of high grade upper- and lining leathers, the numerous additional finishes and the variety of materials in the fashionable and functional sector are setting much higher demands and requirements to technical textiles.

In order to find an optimal solution, which combines sufficient material adhesion with required functional parameters (e.g. breathability) and desired comfort (e.g. softness), a suitable compromise has to be found in each and every material combination.

With decades of profound experience the Wilhelm team is facing and solving these challenges.